floor and wall tile installation 1500x400 Floor and Wall Tile Installation

Installation of floor and wall tile is the hot new trend in decorating and can easily be done for your kitchen, bath or anywhere by the professionals at ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ handyman services. You can have the great look you want done properly at a reasonable cost and know that the workmanship is first rate.

A Tough Job Done Right

The floor and wall tile installation and backsplashes is a time consuming job that requires tremendous patience and care, not to mention a wide variety of tools and equipment. For the typical homeowner, these items are not in the standard toolbox and can be quite costly. Trying to get satisfactory results without them, though, is all but impossible.

For straight and secure tile placement, ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ has the tools, expertise and dedication to fine craftsmanship that guarantees success. We take pride in making your home look its best and help you do it at a price you can afford.

Types of Floor and Wall Tile

There are quite a few different styles and sizes of floor and wall tiles that contribute to the tremendous range of appearances possible.

  • Some tiles are specifically heat resistant for use around fireplaces or frost resistant for use in unheated areas.
  • Cork is also popular and requires a unique approach to installation.
  • Metallic and mirror tiles add special touches
  • Tiles with the look of brick or stone create a more natural appearance.


No matter which type of tile is chosen or if it is intended for the kitchen, bath, foyer, family room or any other living space, ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ will install it, repair it and seal it for years of beautiful service. Tile installation can be for an entire room, wall or even just a small space as a highlight and ‘Our Dad’ will tackle any option with the same skill and eye to detail for a secure, good-looking job.

Local Craftsmen You Can Trust

A family owned and operated business located in Bedminster, ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ has been servicing the greater Morris and Somerset County area for over 15 years. Their belief in excellent service and pride in community are demonstrated by the company’s presence in the community and dedication to home-town values.

‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ is easy to contact by phone (908)-444-6891 or email jphelan@ourdadcanfixit.com and gladly reaches out to Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Branchburg, Watchung, Warren and all the other area boroughs and communities.