sheetrock repair3 Sheetrock Repair Services


Sheetrock walls are subject to damage from all sorts of mishaps and in many cases, it takes a professional to make a smooth, seamless repair. Whether the damage is water related, involves cracked seams and nails that have popped up or is due to some other cause, ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ handyman service is available for any size job at a reasonable price.   It Is Not As Simple As It Looks   Unless the problem is just tiny holes from hanging paintings or other decorations, the art of dry wall or sheetrock repairing can be a challenge. There are a number of different factors to consider when making this type of repair.


·         The size and location of the hole to be fixed

·         Cutting holes for pipes, electric outletsor irregular shapes

·         Mudding and taping the repaired area

·         Sanding and finishing the repair for painting

·         Applying corner beads or edges

·         Matching textures


Another issue to consider is whether the drywall is exposed to dampness as in a bathroom or basement. Different types of materials are used under those circumstances and a professional knows all about what to use for each situation. There are also many different tools that are needed for the job and the average home owner would have no real need to buy these items. For the handyman, though, it is all standard equipment.

Getting To The Source Of The Problem

If the damage to the drywall is due to a water leak or some other structural issue, the experienced staffs of ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ can pay for itself by having professional eyes examine the problem. A leaking roof, dripping pipe or sagging support can become a serious concern that might not be noticed without the expertise of a professional.   Part of the dedication of the ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ staff is to report anything that may compromise the safety of the home and set the homeowner’s mind at ease in terms of providing information about additional sheetrock repair.

A Home-Town Company

‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Somerset and Morris Counties for over 15 years. The owner is a proud member of the community and believes in great service at reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is his primary concern since it is what keeps the business strong and growing.   For Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Branchburg, Watchung, Warren and all the other area boroughs and communities including Bedminster, Bernardsville and Hillsborough, ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ is easy to reach by phone (908)-444-6891 or email