Decorative trim and molding look great but can take a beating through daily wear and tear. When the trim around doors, windows, chair rails and floors becomes dinged or cracked, a professional can provide repairs or replacement quickly and easily. Indoors or outdoors, ‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ uses years of skill and expertise to create a finished surface that looks like new.


A Full-Service Professional


‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ is fully insured and licensed and has the expertise to handle any type of home construction job and trim repair with confidence. Even if the job involves simply repairing or replacing trim, the professional eye of the contractor checks for other issues that can affect the overall appearance of the area or contribute to potential damage.


There are many different jobs that involve the addition or repair of trim or molding for a finished look.


  • Installation of cabinets and shelves
  • Repair and installation of doorways and windows
  • Drywall repair
  • Interior or exterior painting
  • Installation of window treatments and curtains
  • Removal of wall-to-wall carpet and restoration of hardwood flooring
  • Replacement of wall tile or linoleum or the removal of wall paper


Doing Things the Right Way


‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ is dedicated to doing every job the right way for the best appearance and durability. That is just as true with trim and molding as with anything else since shortcuts may save time but sacrifice quality.


For well-installed trim, special angles and cuts are required that need to be accurate and smooth. The selection of quality materials is the only way to start the job and painting or finishing the trim so that it blends in with the existing surfaces requires attention to detail. In some cases, additional calking or grouting may be required so neatness is an important issue.


Pride In Workmanship And The Community


‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ handyman service is a family owned and operated business working within Morris and Somerset Counties. ‘Our Dad’ offers quality workmanship based on old-fashioned values and a strong work ethic and provides professional results without the high price tag.


Serving Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Branchburg, Watchung, Warren and all the other area communities, ‘Our Dad’ takes pride in maintaining the appearance and value of local properties. It is this dedication to quality service that brings customers back to ‘Our Dad’ because they can trust the quality of work performed.


‘Our Dad Can Fix It’ is fully licensed and insured and can be reached by phone at (908)-444-6891 or email at